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Food and Wine

Between the land and the sea, discovering the best flavours in Gallura

The Costa Smeralda belongs to Gallura, a historical region comprised of the northeastern part of Sardinia, a territory rich in history and traditions. Spending a holiday in Gallura means not only appreciating the extraordinary beauty of its sea and its wild nature, but also diving into the extraordinary local food and wine.

It has always been linked to agricultural and pastoral activities and to the “stazzi”, rural settlements where sheep and pigs are bred and where vegetables are grown. Gallura’s cuisine combines the typical rural flavours with the taste of fresh fish dishes from the coast.

The excellence of Gallura

The food and wine itinerary through Gallura’s culinary excellence passes through tasty dishes with mutton, lamb and porcetto (suckling pig), cheeses and ricotta, bread soups with mutton broth, such as the fragrant suppa cuàta, a tasty baked dish made from stale bread, cheese and broth, among Gallura’s most typical traditional dishes, and exquisite desserts such as seadas, which are sweetened with bitter strawberry-tree honey. Other delicacies come from the sea: mussels, sea urchin eggs and lobster, the queen of the seabed and the local tables.

Gallura is also a land of famous wines, such as Vermentino di Gallura DOCG,the most noble of Gallura wines and among the most popular wines in Sardinia. Wine lovers cannot miss the interesting wine-tasting itineraries in the area’s wine cellars. In Berchidda, another excellent wine-producing locality, we recommend a visit to the Wine Museum with its annexed workshop. Our concierge service is available to advise you and organize tours and tastings at the best wine cellars.

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