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Excursions in Gallura

Captivating itineraries in Northern Sardinia

From the rare beauty of the landscapes of the islands of the Maddalena Archipelago and the islands of Lavezzi in Corsica, to the evocative landscapes of the inland area of Gallura. For our guests, there is an information and bookings service for guided tours in the area, available at reception, including excursions and trips in Sardinia, horse-riding excursions, trips to places of historical and archaeological interest and excursions by sea:

Maddalena Archipelago

One of the most enchanting corners of the entire Mediterranean. With its over 60 islands and islets and 20,000 hectares of land, the Archipelago is a geomarine park with uncontaminated nature. There are many ways and reasons for experiencing an unforgettable day surrounded by the rare beauty of the landscapes of the Maddalena Archipelago, with the crystal clear waters and solitary white sandy coves, framed by Mediterranean scrub.

Lavezzi Archipelago - Corsica

The natural continuation of the Maddalena Archipelago, the islands of Lavezzi, in southern Corsica, are small gems of sand set in crystal clear waters and surrounded by green maritime pines. The excursion continues with a brief overview of the island of Cavallo and the coast of Bonifacio, up to the transparent and wonderful seabed of the Piana island.

Inland Gallura

The Gallura inland area is a world of green valleys, cork oak woods and granite rocks, dotted by “stazzi”, rural settlements in the area. A landscape and a culture that is worth discovering, taking advantage of the interesting food and nature excursions proposed by various local cooperatives. Among the places of interest to visit are the beautiful panorama of Lake Liscia, the fresh water springs and the lush vegetation of Mount Limbara, the Arzachena Archaeological Park, and the hypnotic landscape of the Moon Valley.

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